Freed Associates

Business Process Optimization

As healthcare costs grow and resources become more scarce, optimizing workflows are critical to retaining your workforce and streamlining operations.

Freed Associates employs a systematic, client-focused approach to ensure that operational processes support organizational business strategies and systems. Freed can help you define processes and reengineer workflows in areas targeted for clinical or operational improvement and cost reduction. Freed has a long history of managing business process analysis and design for a variety of organizations, including: medical centers (from community hospitals to large IDNs), physician practices, health plans, and pharmaceutical companies. Business process optimization has always been a part of Freed’s system implementation methodology. Our approach focuses on communication and including end users in the design, analysis, and training to improve outcomes and acceptance of changes.

Process Design and Implementation

  • Our process redesign approach focuses on designing and rapidly implementing future state models that are validated by all key constituencies
  • We use the appropriate and specific techniques and tools, including Lean Six Sigma, to remove waste and streamline processes
  • Results include reduced cycle times, increased utilization of key resources, improved patient and member satisfaction, and lower costs

Workflow Assessment and Redesign

  • Freed follows a methodical, systematic, and cyclical approach to clinical and business workflow redesign, including an initial review of the current processes, design of future state processes in collaboration with stakeholders, training and implementing the new processes, and testing the new processes for quality
  • We have a wealth of experience in designing challenging health care workflows which typically include numerous hand-offs, time limitations, and the need to coordinate among many departments and external entities
  • Freed crafts solutions tailored to the specific culture of each client. These inclusive solutions are designed to assure that change is accepted.

Policy and Procedure Development

  • As a stand alone effort or an adjunct to process redesign projects, Freed Associates helps clients establish or update critical policies and procedures
  • Once designed, Freed deconstructs the workflows into detailed operational desk procedures, enabling client teams to successfully train and execute new processes and maintain ongoing tools to use when training new employees

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