Freed Associates

Change Management

Healthcare is changing at a rapid rate. Everyone is being asked to do more with less. Regardless of what seismic shifts are occurring, managing the process of change is critical to success.

Freed understands that change is difficult. We also understand that positive outcomes are tied to acceptance of changes, rather than hostility toward them. Whether the change stems from a system implementation, business process or product change, a structural redesign or a move, the principles of managing change are the same. Freed employs strategies to engage clients in defining and understanding the impact of change on the individual. We support the client’s move through the change curve, offering tools and techniques to improve acceptance.

Communication Planning & Management

Freed partners with clients to identify affected stakeholders, from executives to physicians, front line staff to business partners, and assess their information needs. Our years of experience and specific processes provide us with an understanding of client needs and fears surrounding change. To alleviate resistance, we create communication plans to ensure the appropriate information is disseminated, at the right time, through the most effective channels. Freed will also assist your team in executing effective change communications, including the crafting of key materials and messages.

Organizational Design & Development

Clients engage Freed to help design optimal, attainable organizational structures. We deliver all aspects of the design effort including identifying impacted workflows, proposing process changes, defining roles, and developing organizational charts.

Organizational Effectiveness

Freed assists clients in the pursuit of organizational effectiveness. This may include forecasting capacity and demand, assessing internal processes for efficiency and acceptance, or developing internal and external expectations surrounding service line agreements.

Program Implementation & Training

Freed offers years of experience managing the vital transition from a development effort to pilot to full-scale operations. This includes guiding project and operational teams through the technical and human aspects of large-scale organizational changes. Freed plans approaches and manages training programs to aid in transition and adoption

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